The notch of Escalles


1. Position from where the panorama of the coasts of England was carried out. ( Click here to see it )



2. There remains only one bunker or rather a house, which an underpass makes it possible to leave a few meters further. All in top is the war memorial set up with the memory of the English soldiers and French died during the First World War in the maritime battles of the English Channel and the North Sea.


3. Position where were made a sight 3 D of the site. ( Click here to see it )


4. 5.Behind this hill, two deeply hidden bunkers, where were surely to gather the soldiers.


6 . A bunker like that visible with the entry of the beach (made exceptional, its armoured door appears to have resisted all these years, its painting intact is compared with another bunker which is further).



The notch of Escalles became a lunar field at the end of the war, so much the violence of the bombardments had turned over the ground, letting appear chalk of the course Blanc-Nez......

Indeed, this cliff of 133 meters had been chosen by the Germans as not of strategic monitoring because it made it possible to supervise Dover (click here to see the installations vis-a-vis the sea) but also the back-country.

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