88 squadron, mission with the top of Boulogne sur Mer

April 9, 1943, 2h15 pm,


Squadron n°88 silently flies over the lunar landscape of the coasts of the North whose ground turned over by the raids, lets appear chalk.
The objective of the pilots is simple and at the same time complex: bombardment of strategic sites around Boulogne on Sea.
On the way of the return, the formation of bombers will essuiera shootings, without gravity, on behalf of the DCA which will have only reacts too late.

Mac Cormack.
Boston Douglas en formation.
Vue de côté.
The small points which you see are not defects on the film but of the bombs of 250 pounds.
Bombardment of a German strategic position.
The port of Boulogne sur Mer.
Le Portel.

88 Squadron:

Sa devise : "En Garde" ( in French and not in English ).

Origine : This unit was created at the end of the First World War (1917) and was attached to the French squadron n°88 of which they will take emblème: the snake. It will be dissolved in 1919.


History (during the second world war):

Reformed in 1937, this unit carries out recognitions with the top of the enemy lines at the beginning of the second world war. Aprés to have undergone heavy losses, it returns in June 1940 to England where it is re-equipped then sent in Ireland of North to carry out patrols until July 1941.

In December 1941, it is the first squadron to receive Douglas Boston.

It will take part in particular in the attempt at incursion of Dieppe and the D-day. It will continue also the bombardments of the strategic places.

(more information to come)

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