Modelisation 3D

Version Française ici !

Hello and welcome in the part recently open on the 3d !

Although being initial, I decided to open this part to help the people who as me have difficulties in model in three dimensions. Why I put myself at the 3d? Quite simply because that goes in the order of things, I started with mapper on the play Battlefield 1942, then I learned how to serve to me as the lines from code of the play to insert new elements, then I am to pass to texture persos etc… And now I learn with modeliser!


- A long time i haven't news on my model ! see my progree here !

- WIP of my first realization 3d, Panzer VI Tiger II, "koenigs Tiger". Click here to know more

- Beginning of modeling in 3 Dimension of the Todt Battery. Click here to know more