Turm IV of the Todt Battery it is threatened? YES

I notice in this moment on the Net the distress of certain visitors of all countries (Germany, Belgium, Holland etc…) about becoming of Turm IV of the Todt battery. Indeed, as you can note it, it would be said that the Battery is given to new, however, of the efforts were made to block all accés with this one.

Then which is to become it of Turm IV of the Todt battery?

Since my last visit (June 2004), it appears clearly that all the exits were stopped intentionally. These obstructions are they to preserve this site of the vandals there (if it is the case, I think that it is missed…) or quite simply to discharge from the responsibility in the event of accident? This question remains in suspends for the moment. Some architects have already ideas of reconversion for this type of bunkers considered wrongly as a wound on the littoral of the Nord Pas-de-Calais Area.